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Formant Now Supports ROS Service Calls, Natively

When operating a robot or a fleet, it's likely you’ll be using ROS in your operations. An integral part of using ROS is service calls; now, we’re excited to announce that ROS service calls are now supported natively on the platform.  Although the action is still completed, manual ROS service calls took extra time, delaying […]

Hardware Considerations For 5G In Robotics

There’s no doubt that 5G is here to stay in the robotics industry. Between high speeds that enable improved bandwidth and latency to greater network coverage, it enables robots to perform better than ever before. But once you’ve decided to upgrade, now comes the next challenge: how do you find the right 5G hardware for […]

4 Challenges Enterprise Companies Face For Robotics At Scale

When it comes to robotics at scale within large enterprise companies, it can feel as if there is a new challenge coming around every corner.  For many large enterprises, automation is still ramping up and working through testing stages, meaning planning for the future is top priority. It always gives the opportunity to predict certain […]

A Forthcoming Shift for Early-Stage Robotics Companies

In today’s market, reinvention and advanced software are no longer enough to see success. Differentiating a product from the abundant other solutions that exist will take more than simple innovation and a knack for tech, but a broader focus that places emphasis on critical customer needs and viable business models. Solve a Customer Problem Historically, […]

5G For Robotics: Is It Really A Game Changer?

So you’re considering 5G for robotics operations, but not sure of where to start or what the benefits of switching to 5G are? You aren’t alone in those decisions. Since the introduction of 5G in 2019, companies that utilize robots in their everyday operations have been reconsidering their current network solution. For many of these […]

5 Real-World Applications of Quadruped Robots

Quadruped robots have captured the imaginations of many, thanks in large part to Boston Dynamics’ highly-entertaining viral videos featuring their robot, Spot. Despite their fresh moves, robots like Spot weren’t designed just to dance. Legged robots were built with real-world applications in mind, and thanks to recent advancements by the likes of Boston Dynamics, ANYbotics, […]

SSH to your robot using Formant’s port forwarding

Learn how our customers connect directly to their robots using the comfortable, widely-used SSH protocol.

Configure your robot application settings remotely

With an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, and a secure backend, you can now configure your on-device applications from anywhere.

Issue the commands you want from anywhere

With such an intuitive and versatile command system at their hands, your operators can gain unparalleled efficiency and control over your organization's fleet. Learn more.

Improvements made possible by network-constrained testing of streaming robot data, part 2

Part 2 of our guide on how to optimize robots in network-constrained environments.

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