for Robots.

Monitoring and operations infrastructure for anyone who works with robots.

We speak robot.

Formant lets you, your team, and your robots work together more efficiently. When people and robots speak the same language, you can deploy faster, improve uptime, and achieve scale.

Connect to the cloud.

Get simple, intelligent cloud streaming and storage of all your machine and application data—even rich sensor data from field-deployed robots with limited connectivity.
Formant agents and endpoints are built to scale with your deployments so your data is accessible when you need it.

One forum. All your robots.

The Formant timeline is an all-in-one space that lets ops and engineering teams track and fix problems—from a fleet-level view to a single robot.
View and share rich data and respond to issues in the field, react more quickly to problems, and improve uptime and deployment speed for a fleet of any scale.

Effortless integration.

Built on a secure and scalable cloud stack, Formant integrates with your robotics application and existing tools in about 15 minutes. Transform your workflow with one-click ticket creation in Jira, follow escalation paths in PagerDuty, or get alerts in Slack.

Secure, scalable, cloud communication for hybrid workforces.

Intelligent streaming & storage for all your device's data. One forum for your teams to act on robot & rich sensor data.