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Formant is a cloud platform that helps robotics companies easily deploy, scale, and manage their fleets.

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Out of the box Workflows

Get industry-leading solutions for teleoperation, fleet management, device monitoring, and more.

Actionable Data

Make the most of your robot data, whether it's live or historical, and pipe that data to external tools for analysis.

Scalable Infrastructure

Leverage our expertise in cloud infrastructure, data management, and security to scale your fleet.

Leverage AI.

Make every team member a data scientist

Meet Theopolis, a generative AI chatbot that empowers your team to engage with robot data via conversational prompts.
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Designed to grow with you, Formant has plans for every company stage, from startups to Fortune 100s.

With the Formant platform, our employees can work together with the robots to collect and analyze sensor data, gaining real-time context of the facility. When deployed at scale, Formant teleoperation will allow us to inspect a number of sites from a centralized operations center, 100's of miles away.
Yasser Bangash
Robotics Technology Lead at BP
Being able to quickly review the data and video feeds together makes it easy to flag any interesting moments or events for engineering to investigate.
Maria Telleria
CTO at Canvas
You walk into one of our customers' offices, and they'll have a big TV set up showing their fleet on Formant. Set up a customer to view it, and you'll get texts like: Got it. I signed on. This is out of this world.
Charlie Anderson
Co-founder & CEO at Burro

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