Operations command center for autonomous fleets of all sizes, across any industry.

Formant optimizes the collection, visualization, and analysis of data to empower efficient operations and quick response for distributed fleets of autonomous resources.



To keep up with growing demand, agricultural robot providers need a fleet-wide operations solution that improves efficiency, controls costs, and provides the farmers and producers transparency into their robotic resources’ operation and performance.

The Formant robot data and operations platform provides agricultural robot companies a remote command center that centralized fleet support, optimizes field-deployed resources, and increases information sharing with farmers.


Construction robot providers leverage autonomous technologies to improve efficiency, accuracy, and safety on job sites. They need an effective way to remotely monitor and manage a distributed fleet of autonomous construction devices.

Formant data and operations platform provides a centralized command center to monitor, diagnose, and analyze a distributed fleet of robots. Live and historical video and telemetry data can be monitored, and projects can be reviewed and analyzed centrally, improving the workforce’s overall efficiency.


Inspection and security of remote sites have become a common use case for autonomous robots, especially in the energy industry. Video and telemetry data collected can be reviewed and analyzed by machine learning algorithms or humans to proactively identify anomalies, inconsistent readings, corrosion, or other items requiring additional inspection.

Formant robot data and operations platform gives organizations the power to control, review, and take action on findings, all from a centralized location. Alerts can trigger automated workflows or alert field personal to confirm finding or take action when necessary.


Healthcare robot providers empower employees and remove the monotonous and repetitive tasks enabling personnel to concentrate on core competencies. Whether for cleaning, delivery, dispensing medications, or hospital logistics, the use of robotics in your healthcare environment will improve your staff’s efficiency and, thus the quality of patient care.

Formant data and operations platform provides centralized operations and analysis of a fleet of autonomous robots. We enable engineers to quickly diagnose and resolve issues that arise and provide detailed trend reporting that highlights the successes and opportunities for continuous improvement.


Dealing with a skilled labor shortage, the manufacturing industry has turned to robotics to improve the efficiencies of their workforce and offload some of the monotonous or dangerous tasks enabling the workforce to concentrate on more complex tasks.

Formant data and operations platform connects people, processes, sensors, and robots to support the most efficient and effective use of resources. View and monitor all autonomous devices via a single management portal and report on the effectiveness of a mission, site or project.

Shipping and Delivery

Major retailers have been leveraging autonomous devices for last-mile delivery which opens up a new set of challenges. These devices face the uncertainty of the real world and the challenges of different missions each time. A robust operations solution grounded in the capture and analysis of all relevant data is key to cracking the last mile delivery challenge.

Formant data and operations platform is rooted in collecting and analyzing data from many sources to help with diagnostics and identify efficiency opportunities. Engineers can review a specific mission in the context of surrounding data and analyze key fleet and engineering metrics like battery life, obstacle encounters, etc.


There has been a sharp increase in the use of autonomous devices to conduct reconnaissance and compile important information about a mine’s interior. Remote operations, data collection, and analysis of the findings opens up new opportunities and provides for a safer work environment for the remaining human miners.

Formant data and operations platform provides the remote operations and high fidelity data collection needed to make decisions on the detailed data collected in the mine. With the highest resolution video replay at high speeds, the data can be reviewed and analyzed by humans or machine learning algorithms, ensuring they will not miss any of the details needed to take action.

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