Field operations

Toolset that empowers a quick and efficient response at scale

Deploy only when needed and maximize time on-site

Real-life scenarios are highly unpredictable. No matter how trained the robot is or how well it adapts to new environments, a situation will arise for which the robot is not prepared. Use your field resources to gather essential information to diagnose and solve issues or intervene and assist the robot to get it back online quickly.

Empower the field with the right information and tools

Formant’s robot data and operations platform assists field operations with a powerful toolset and a direct line of communication to both the robot and the centralized operations center, making easy work of any situation that may arise. An intuitive interface provides a snapshot of the device or fleet to easily monitor the health and productivity of the robotic resources. React immediately to alerts, beam in, and take control of the robot, or review the event and securely share with engineering for collaboration and further investigation.
Take control of any robot with a low-latency local connection.
Stream external robot perspectives directly from a mobile device.
Initiate missions, modes, diagnostics, and system resets.
Automatically handle data management and upload tasks.
Keep track of battery and consumption levels.
Get push or SMS notifications from robots when they need help.

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Superior observability, operations, and analytics of heterogeneous fleets, at scale
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