Technical Support

Formant alerts the right person and provides them the right information to remotely investigate and triage an issue, reducing the need to send resources into the field.

Remotely access event data and diagnostics to investigate and resolve issues immediately

Robots, especially autonomous robots, encounter issues that require immediate attention. Hardware failures, physical obstacles, and data anomalies are just a few of the challenges you might face. Speed of resolution is dependent entirely on receiving actionable information quickly. Being alerted that something has, or will soon, occur and triaging the issue remotely to determine the most effective course of action is vital. Acting quickly is key, but building a process and infrastructure that supports the business growth without scaling the team requires collaboration, remote diagnostics, reporting and auditability.

Speed time to resolution, cost-effectively and at scale

Formant’s robot data and operations platform ensures the right person gets the right information at the right time. Tailor alerts and event-based workflows that trigger automated actions or remotely collaborate to quickly diagnose an issue and reduce the number of in-field visits required. Whether it is reacting to a problem or responding to possible service degradation, having immediate access to the event, in the context of the surrounding data, improves time to resolution.

Identify and act on issues faster


Remove the need to switch between tools reducing complexity and modernizing the support process, increasing the overall productivity of the team.

As organizations expand their robotic resources, they are also faced with a growing number of issues or events that require action. Technical support teams are leveraging a hodgepodge of tools and solutions, often scattered across a number of systems, making it very hard to get a complete picture of an issue and act quickly. It takes time to bring the data together and conduct an investigation, impeding productivity. As organizations scale their resources, they are finding that the technical support solutions that have been using will not scale sufficiently, causing costly delays and impacting the overall customer experience.

Formant data and operations platform provides a command center that offers technical support resources with a centralized solution that makes understanding and responding to issues easy. But providing tech support the information and diagnostic tools required to quickly respond to a solution is only half the equation. Giving the team direct and instant access to the robot making it easy and quick to get the required logs and diagnostics needed, even when the resources are located offsite. Leveraging proactive alerts and event-based workflows allows immediate and automated responses to known issues. Formant enables your technical support resources to scale with the business by managing more issues, preventing failures, and responding quickly.

Monitor live and historical audio, video, and telemetry data collected from the fleet.
Trigger diagnostics, enable debug modes, and pull additional data remotely.
View data live and get access to field capture video and view it directly on the device timeline, in context of the issue.
Review and compare data from multiple devices at the same time, making it easy to understand the scope of the issue and find correlations.
Capture and analyze dozens of visualization types offering a comprehensive view of an issue and powerful insights for continuous improvement.
Retrieve files, logs, or run remote diagnostics using commands, even when the device is offline.
Beam in and direct a device through teleoperations or SSH.

Improved visibility and performance tracking


Build the data backbone needed to efficiently and effectively review, act on and analyze problems and trends.

Data Analytics
In this day and age, there is no shortage of information and data available, the challenge is having access to the right information at the right time to take the right action. Formant collects all the data and presents the relevant information in context, tailored to the user. You can customize the views and dashboards to support and visualize the specific metrics, telemetry and information critical to that role. Additionally, the data can be easily augmented with annotations, tags, and notes, directing points of interest to specific team members for action. This information feeds a powerful analytics engine that can be customized to track and report on key business and performance indicators. Formant provides the data backbone needed to efficiently and effectively review, act on and analyze problems and trends.

Fleet overview providing a snapshot of key attributes for technical support to quickly identify an issue or trends.
Create tailored views based on use case or persona making it easier to discover and identify anomalies.
Streamline communication by commenting directly on the timeline, data or device.
Tag data, programmatically or manually, to make it easy to find moments in time and analyze trends to identify opportunities for continuous improvement.
Augment the data by annotating missions on the timeline and export to Google Sheets for statistical analysis.
Filter and search based on tags, devices, groups, events or data visualization types.

Collaborate and scale to support business growth


Command center provides the operations team with the data, tools, and resources needed to efficiently manage a growing fleet of robots.

Formant Fleet Map View
As a robotic fleet grows so do the technical support issues and requests. To support this fleet, you must gain economies of scale and improve the ratio of robots to humans. This efficiency is achieved through a centralized operations center focused on fleet-wide actions that maximize utilization and performance. Formant empowers the services team with the tools and information needed to handle the increased demand without additional headcount.

Formant’s centralized command center provides organizations a way to monitor performance and manage configuration for an entire fleet of robots cost-effectively and efficiently. By visualizing all data collected from the field and aggregating it based on location, customer, or fleet, organizations can track and quickly respond to trends or environmental changes. A centralized command center provides the operations team with the data, tools, and resources needed to efficiently manage a growing fleet of robots, without increasing support resources at the same rate.

Get a summary of your fleet health. Aggregate fleet data at scale to answer high-value business and operations questions.
Manage data ingestion and field visit costs.
Increase the number of devices that can be supported without scaling the team.
Collaborate with product management & engineering teammates.

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