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Launch and scale your RaaS business faster with Formant as your partner.
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Product Lifecycle

Scale your RaaS business with Formant Solutions

Building a modern robotics application requires more than just robotics expertise. Formant provides software consulting, services, and solutions for robotics companies at all stages of growth.

Supporting any stage

prototype stage

Ship, validate,
and improve

Our team will provide the integration support, tooling, robotics, and cloud expertise to shorten the feedback loop on your R&D, field evaluation, and root-causing efforts, allowing you to experiment, validate, and deploy faster.
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production stage

Expand your
fleet operations

Working with the Formant services team, and the Formant platform, we will provide the features and workflows you need as you scale your RaaS business from 1 to 10, to 100, to 1,000 deployed robots and beyond.
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We can help you in each of these areas


Deep integration, solutions architecture, and best practices.


Developer workflows, CI/CD, robotics focused tooling, and cloud simulation.

Data & BI

Data infrastructure, data warehousing, BI toolinsplug, and working with robot shaped data.


ML models for robotics and cloud, best practices for low-compute based models.


Application security design, Robot security best practices, and network design.


Human-robot interaction design, robotic controls interaction design, and application development.
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We are cloud robotics experts

Think of us as an extension of your team, deploying skills to augment your efforts, when and where you need them. Because we ‘speak robot’, we will be able to integrate seamlessly as your supporters and collaborators. 

With a combined 50+ years of experience not only in cloud, but also in robotics, and the specific challenges of bringing connected devices into a cloud-based management context, we are uniquely qualified to understand the challenges and opportunities of your RaaS business and product.

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