Root-cause Analysis

Speed time to resolution with intuitive, timeline-based navigation. Easily jump to the time of the incident and see the incident in context.

Live and Historical Telemetry

Ingest, index, and store live and historical application telemetry.

Generate & store key robot events

Navigate, aggregate, and root-cause events of interest. Trigger alerts, assists or commands as part of the events.

Operator and Event-Triggered Ingestion

Bandwidth configurable stream and trigger high-resolution data when you need it.

Edge and Cloud-Triggered Alerting

Monitor and alert on multivariate conditions at the edge or in the cloud.

Navigate around events of interest

Navigate through events for easier visibility into interesting occurrences. Aggregate, and root-cause events of interest.

Start speaking robot

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How the autonomous farm robot, Burro, went to market and scaled in a single step.