Root-cause analysis

Speed time to resolution with intuitive, timeline-based navigation. Quickly jump to the time of the incident and see the incident in context.
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Root-cause analysis
Every day, robots are performing increasingly complex tasks in increasingly complex environments. At the same time, the volume, variety, and complexity of robot data continues to increase at incredible speed. Challenges come in many forms, including connectivity, data management, and developing a platform to effectively interpret the firehose of data being emitted by every robot in your fleet. To truly understand the core of the issue requires an infinitely greater level of observability. Formant provides an intuitive, timeline-based interface to review an event, make it easier to understand and explore an incident.

Live And Historical Telemetry

Ingest, index, and store live and historical application telemetry.

Timeline-based Navigation

Access time-aligned, historical data to understand what happened and when, in real time or any time. Quickly seek and filter by time, associated event, or metadata.

Generate & Store Key Robot Events

Set the system to generate an event based on key parameters or manually flag an event for further investigation. Trigger alerts, assists, or commands as part of the events.

Capture and view accessory devices

Accessory devices and sensors, like witness cameras, IR, thermal imaging, add context to the event and device data. Capturing more environmental data aids troubleshooting and issue resolution.

Annotation and tagging

Improve the signal-to-noise ratio by allowing operators to easily tag events of interest. Then, with annotation, one can attach notes or comments to each of these tags to facilitate communication between engineers and operators.

Operator And Event-triggered Ingestion

Control costs by leaving data locally on the machine until needed. Define a bandwidth configurable stream that triggers high-resolution data when you need it.

Edge And Cloud-triggered Alerting

Monitor and alert on multivariate conditions at the edge or in the cloud.

Navigate around events of interest

Navigate through events for easier visibility into interesting occurrences. Aggregate and root-cause multiple events of interest.

Web-based Rosbag Viewer

Easy access to full-resolution rosbag data without leaving the Formant platform.

Device View Templates

Manage shared views for specific device types or subsets of the fleet for easier insight into specific data from your robot.
Fleet view and observability video
Formant timeline based navigation
Timeline based navigation
Formant Events
Events List
Video illustrating share links
Short video illustrating the variety of data types supported

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