Data ingestion

Control bandwidth costs with configurable resource usage that is bandwidth and network-aware and allowing operators to trigger ingestion on-demand.
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Data Ingestion
A data ingestion strategy is essential for any business wanting to take a robot from a well-tested device connected to the lab's wi-fi network to the complexity of your customers' environment where data availability can be a wildcard. Formant makes it easy for each organization to customize what data is captured, where it is stored, when and how it is ingested. This level of customization and control is essential to ensuring organizations can manage the volume of data cost-effectively.

Ultimately, not all telemetry generated by a robot needs to be sent immediately. Often robot companies have existing support systems with a list of incidents that need to be investigated. We want operators to be able to start with their knowledge base first and determine if the cost of data acquisition is worth the effort. If extraction is worth it, then it should be as easy as possible to gather this data whenever it is available.

Managing a robotic fleet will involve trade-offs between the financial costs of bandwidth, the scheduling of ingestion, and the volume and variety of data types one continuously monitors. Formant makes it easier to customize, standardize and automate ingestion to meet your business objectives.

Flexible Edge Deployment

Install the agent on-robot, on a base station, or anywhere on-premise.

Robot Configuration Templates

Deploy your fleets with cloud-based custom configuration templates. Compose templates for simple management of shared configuration properties.

Telemetry & Bandwidth Configuration

Maintain fine-grained control over what telemetry is sent, when, and how much.

Configurable Resource Usage

Configure buffer sizes, throttling rates, CPU, memory, and other resource usage parameters.

On-demand Ingestion Of Data

Control the costs of mobile data with on-demand ingestion of data.

Out of order ingestion

Ingest data as needed, in any order allowing for “black box mode”

Built-in And Custom Robotics Data types

Visualize many data types; numeric, textual, geospatial, 2D, and 3D data, whether it’s in a standard or custom format.

Network And Bandwidth-aware ingestion

Rely on built-in buffering, throttling, and quality-of-service in the presence of unreliable networks.

Edge buffering

Edge buffers provide support for spotty networks
Formant on-demand data
On demand data
Short video to illustrate the variety of data types supported

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