Proactive monitoring

Set up alerts and notifications of critical indicators to respond to a potential issue before it affects the performance of a device.
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Proactive Monitoring
As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Prevention is a critical area to address to help scale operations. Standardizing responses and automating actions based on known issues or key triggers can drastically improve uptime and enable the scaling of operations. First, you can define all the events of interest that you want to track. Second, you can decide to create a notification for any particular event. Third, you can automatically trigger one or more actions for any specific event. Finally, you can set an alert to notify the right person to conduct a manual review of the issue. You can also send events to external systems such as Slack or PagerDuty for incident management or on-call alert. Formant lets you proactively manage the dynamics of your robotic deployment so you can keep robots productive.

Monitor any metric

Improve the productivity of your robots through proactive monitoring of any metric.

Alert-triggered workflows

Improve productivity of your support teams through alert-triggered workflows. Run commands, modify configuration, or change ingestion modes as automated workflows when alerts happen.

Multi-state alert triggers

Setup a multi-state alert that notifies the appropriate team or individual to monitor and respond to complex situations.

Early notification

Reduce the number of business-impacting incidents by proactively monitoring and alerting your support team.

Monitor at the edge

Monitor at the edge, without ingesting data to the cloud, thereby saving on bandwidth and resources. Monitor critical host and middleware metrics in addition to application telemetry.

Add dimensions using tags

Add tags to events to provide new dimensions, easier searchability and efficient tracking.
Formant Events
Customize event triggers
Formant Annotations
Tag and annotate data
Formant Views
Tailor views to monitor what is critical to your business

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