Data enrichment

Augment the data collected with human insights to facilitate issue resolution, investigations, and continuous improvements.
Data Enrichment
You are collecting tons of data from your robot, and that can provide a level of insight. But what if you could combine field data with human insights to enrich the business insights delivered. Formant makes it easy for humans to tag, label, and annotate data with standard or customized insights. Many organizations use humans to review a job and tag each phase of the job cycle. Those tags then feed the downstream analytics and provide performance and efficiency data not just of the one job but of all jobs. Additionally, as specialists review footage, they can flag an area of interest and share that data with engineering to investigate. Augmenting data with structured human intelligence is a way to take a lot of data and make it more valuable, mapping it against the KPIs to quickly identify if there is an area that needs to be addressed or possible improvement.


Allow operators to attach notes or comments to moments or events of interest to facilitate communication between engineers and operators.


Improve reporting and analysis by tagging data at the source automatically. Easily tag events or moments of interest in a job or mission.


Integrate with labeling platforms and run videos ingested from the field through human labeling applications and feed it back into Formant to improve reporting and analysis of missions.

Machine learning

Train machine learning models by exporting robot data into your machine learning platform.

Events of interest

Enrich data by automating detection and capture of events of interest. View or navigate between these interesting events alongside data and tags.
Formant Annotations
Annotate the data
Timeline based navigation
Navigate events of interest

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Using onsite robots to conduct routine investigations allowed BP to centralize the expertise to review and analyze the findings—improving efficiency and reducing operational costs.