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Helping Dash deliver packages to the most remote locations. Providing mission analysis and remote diagnostics for package delivery drones.


How the autonomous farm robot, Burro, went to market and scaled in a single step

“Using a time series database such as Formant, we can analyze individual behaviors of our robot fleets over time. We can then use these metrics and not conjecture to drive discussion and decisions for the development of next generation of robots.”
Vibhor Sood

Co-Founder & Robotic Software Engineer, Burro


How a construction company, Canvas, combined machine and human insights to create better outcomes

"We evaluated a number of competitive offerings, but Formant was the only one that understood the data insights we needed to help our machine empower our crews."
Regis Vincent
Director of Software, Canvas
  • BP

    With the Formant platform, our employees can work together with the robots to collect and analyze sensor data, gaining real-time context of the facility. When deployed at scale, Formant teleoperation will allow us to inspect a number of sites from a centralized operations center, 100's of miles away."

    Yasser Bangash,  Robotics Technology Lead, BP

    Formant's analytics platform is a sales superweapon, allowing me to close deals backed by insights.”

    Henrik Bennetsen - Co-founder and Chief Business Officer, Canvas Construction
  • Companion

    The moment we fired up Formant, we had a complete view of all of our robots in the field. We never had that before.”

    John Honchariw - CEO, Companion Labs

    You walk into one of our customers' offices, and they'll have a big TV set up showing their fleet on Formant. Set up a customer to view it, and you'll get texts like: Got it. I signed on. This is out of this world."

    Charlie Anderson - Co-founder and CEO, Burro
  • Robust AI

    It's essentially a DVR for data... I can skip the 'commercials' and just get to the relevant data in seconds."

    Anthony Jules - Co-founder, COO, Robust AI

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