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Product development and continuous improvement require data, and lots of it. The collection, review, and analysis of many different data sources to inform and train machine learning models is critical. Whether you are early in development and focused on simulation, or in production and focused on continuous improvement, it requires a tool that provides visibility of all data in context, so your team can collaborate and note areas for further investigation and troubleshooting.

Review, collaborate, and refine, continuously

Formant’s data-centric approach speeds development cycles and facilitates faster response times by combining the ingestion of many data sources with the ability to observe and review robot events to identify opportunities for continuous improvement. Formant ingests and visualizes robot and sensor telemetry as well as in-field data in an easy-to-use interface allowing for annotation, comments, and sharing among the team to collaboratively troubleshoot from a consistent and complete data set. Formant helps organizations speed time to market and stay ahead of competitive pressures with a platform that facilitates continuous product development.
Observe real-world behavior with context of events leading to human intervention.
Integrate sensor, event, and control data into ML pipelines to train models.
Retrieve detailed logs and data dumps from the field on-demand.
Track engineering KPIs such as disengagements, missed cycles, and error rates.
SSH directly to any online robot without managing a VPN.
Manage configuration deployments across the whole fleet.

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Superior observability, operations, and analytics of heterogeneous fleets, at scale
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Using onsite robots to conduct routine investigations allowed BP to centralize the expertise to review and analyze the findings—improving efficiency and reducing operational costs.