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Improve transparency and communication with your customers through a branded portal that provides real-time visibility into the performance and efficiency of their robotic resources.
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Customer Portal
Formant’s customer portal provides robot service providers the ability to deliver a single pane of glass for their customers to monitor and track the efficiency, safety, and performance of their robots. In addition to providing real-time monitoring, the portal offers end-users visibility into overall performance and efficiency trends and alerts them if any critical items or performance degradations occur.

With such powerful insights into one’s micro and macro operations, companies gain an incredible tool for engaging customers. Rather than relying on sales pitches and spoken promises, companies with robust analytics can actually prove their value with totally objective data.

This kind of radical transparency offers both existing and prospective customers unprecedented insight into a company’s capabilities and value. It might prove to a customer that they would benefit from expanding their fleet. Or, it could demonstrate that a specific solution outperforms a competitor’s. It can even serve as a means of improving outcomes to customer claims.

Expose business value

Track performance and efficiency metrics to demonstrate business value.

Branded portal

Provide a white-labeled robot management solution to your customers.

Live fleet view

Provide customers with a real-time view of their fleet location, health, and live camera feeds.

Alerts and notifications

Alert customers about critical events or reports that need their attention.

Device operation

Enable your customers to perform basic robot functionality.

Integrate with support tools

Integrate with existing helpdesk tools to enable customers to contact your company in a familiar, user-friendly fashion.
Fleet View
Customer Portal

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