Robot field ops that spark joy

How you do field ops determines the longevity of your robot system or product/service. And probably your company, too. Here's the new way to do it.

Formant is free to all companies that can leverage it in the fight against coronavirus

Formant is offering full access to its platform free of charge to any organization working to fight this pandemic.

Introducing Formant Capture

Collaborate with your field operator on a whole new level with streaming video directly from the field - using nothing but a simple, secure link.

Introducing Formant Deep Linking

The easiest way to create customized, linkable observability views

Automation, employment, & inaction

In the early 1900s, op-ed columns across the U.S. were abuzz with the topic of automation.

The growth ratio: why so many robotics startups fail to scale

Many robotics startups fail to invest in efficiencies and infrastructure that allow them to scale. We dive into that in this post.

Advancing AI to get robots to work with humans

We believe that the future of robotics is one where you have one operator managing hundreds or thousands of robots. With our platform, operators at robotics companies become superhumans.

It's time we put "fleet management" to rest — here's why

The term “fleet management” currently describes an array of activities so diverse that it undoubtedly causes far more confusion than it could ever make up for in convenience.

Analytics: robotics’ untapped vein of business value

By adopting a robust, scalable approach to analytics today, companies can both realize immediate gains and safeguard themselves against robotics’ rising tide of complexity.

Beyond autonomy: ROS in solution architecture

Formant's Head of Software delivering the keynote at ROSCon2019 in Macau.

Automation of robot data collection for business insights

Head of Solutions, Abraham Dauhajre, on data collection for fleets.

Robots are hard, game engines are not: why we built our own simulator using Unity

Here's why we used Unity to build a simulator for our robot fleet management platform.

Formant launches platform to observe, analyze, and operate robot fleets

Today Formant announced the availability of their platform, which enables businesses to automatically collect and analyze robotics data.

Security by design, part 1: end-to-end encryption and identity for robotics systems

This first post will cover how we secure end-to-end encryption and identity throughout our stack.

Flip the ratio of engineers to robots

How to scale a robot company.

Formant acquires teleoperation startup, Formation

Formant has acquired Formation, a robot teleoperation startup based in Pittsburgh.

Ian Sherman on Real World Devops discussing observability

Formant's Head of Software, Ian Sherman, was the featured guest on Mike Julian's Real World DevOps.

Tune machine learning algorithms with a ‘DVR for data’

We approached the ML tuning problem from the assumption that it could be done differently: in an intuitive, visual way.

Build vs. buy decisions in robotics cloud platforms

Here's how Formant would be a better choice than a home-brewed solution.

Common features of robotics observability platforms

Here's your intro to robotics observability platforms.

Defining observability for robotics

For robotics applications to achieve the same high availability we’ve come to expect from web services, we need better observability in robotics.

Speak robot

The bottom line is this: when the next wave of autonomous and semi-autonomous machines come online in the coming years, they will bring with them a tsunami of data.

On TechCrunch: ex-Googlers launch cobotics startup

TechCrunch: "Until workplace robots are truly autonomous and don’t require any human thinking, we’ll need software to supervise them at scale."

On ZDNet: Want a hybrid workforce?

ZDNet: "Google X roboticists and engineers aim to provide solution to make sense of robot data in industries such as retail, construction, automotive and healthcare."

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