We enable robot companies to scale with modular and extensible solutions

The fastest way to root cause robot data

Live and Historical Telemetry

Ingest, index, and store live and historical application telemetry.

Generate & store key robot events

Navigate, aggregate, and root-cause events of interest. Trigger alerts, assists or commands as part of the events.

Operator and Event-Triggered Ingestion

Bandwidth configurable stream and trigger high-resolution data when you need it.

Edge and Cloud-Triggered Alerting

Monitor and alert on multivariate conditions at the edge or in the cloud.

Navigate around events of interest

Navigate through events for easier visibility into interesting occurrences. Aggregate, and root-cause events of interest.

Built-in and Custom Robotics Datatypes

Visualize numeric, textual, geospatial, 2D, and 3D data, whether it’s in a standard or custom format.

Configurable Device and Channel Views

Visualize the live and historical state of a single device or a group of devices along any dimension.

Device View Templates

Manage shared views for specific device types or subsets of the fleet for easier insight into specific data from your robot.

Web-based Rosbag Viewer

Browse full-resolution rosbag data in the browser.

Timeline-based Navigation

Seek and filter by time, associated event, or metadata.

Powerful visualization makes for efficient data navigation

Command and control your robot


Remotely operate your devices over a low-latency, peer-to-peer, secure connection.

Path & Waypoint planning

Plan, preview and execute the path of the robot over a secure connection.

Commands & SSH

Execute built-in or application-defined commands at any time your device is online or queue it for when it reconnects. SSH into your robot for detailed debugging or access into your robot

Interventions / Assists

Respond synchronously or asynchronously to support requests from your application on the robot.

Application Configuration for your Fleet

Manage application configuration parameters across dimensions of your fleet

gRPC and HTTP APIs along with native ROS support

Program against edge and cloud APIs in the language of your choice. Or use the native ROS integration to obtain easy access to standard and custom ROS topics.

Command Line Tooling

Leverage command-line tools for easy integration with CI/CD or other workflows.

Infrastructure as Code

Manage device configuration declaratively, in version control.

Data Lake Export

Continuously export telemetry data into your data lake for your own analysis or storage.

Simple Agent Installation

Simple, automatable agent installation and setup.

Connect faster with developer-friendly tools

Highly configurable deployment and data access

Flexible Edge Deployment

Install the agent on-robot, on a base station, or anywhere on-premise.

Robot Configuration Templates

Deploy your fleets with cloud-based custom configuration templates. Compose templates for simple management of shared configuration properties.

Telemetry & Bandwidth Configuration

Maintain fine-grained control over what telemetry is sent, when and how much.

Integrate with productivity & alerting tools

Integrate with third-party productivity and alerting tools like Slack, Pagerduty, or the service of your choice via Webhooks.

Compatible with Packaging and Deployment Tools

Package, deploy, and upgrade with Debian packages, Docker, or Snap.

Configurable Resource Usage

Configure buffer sizes, throttling rates, CPU, memory, and other resource usage parameters.

Network and Bandwidth-Aware Communication

Rely on built-in buffering, throttling, and quality-of-service in the presence of unreliable networks.

Host Monitoring

Monitor critical host and middleware metrics in addition to application telemetry.

Filesystem Integration

Configure the ingestion of file and directory contents.

gRPC, HTTP and Native ROS integration

Ingest using gRPC, HTTP APIs or standard and custom ROS topics

Built-in monitoring and integration on the robot

End-to-end security

User and Device Identity

All API interactions and datapoints are associated with an individual user or device.

cgroup Compatible

Run the Formant agent in a Linux cgroup for additional sandboxing.

Encryption in-transit and at-rest

Encrypted transport protocols and storage everywhere in the stack.

Secret Management

Asymmetric credentials, time-limited tokens, and key rotation.

Secure Interaction Model

Structured, administrator-defined actions, not arbitrary code execution.

Comprehensive and customizable Metadata

Search and filter along any dimension of your fleet with user-provided metadata that’s attached to every datapoint and robot.


Aggregate robot and fleet data at scale to answer high-value business and operations questions

Live and Historical Fleet Views

Understand the state of your fleet in real-time or discover patterns through historical analysis.

Bulk Device Provisioning

Integrate with your existing robot provisioning workflows.

Scalable & Flexible UI

Quickly navigate amongst hundreds or thousands of devices in the web application. Set up custom views of data coming from your robots or of your fleets.

Manage and provision fleets at scale

Optimized workflows for field operators and customers

Mobile Capture App

Capture video and notes about anomalous behavior from a mobile phone, even without a Formant login.

Share Links

Share a slice of data beyond your immediate team with time-limited URLs.

Deep Linking

Manually or programmatically link to a dynamically-specified view of your organization’s data.

View robot’s display screen remotely

Project robot’s physical display screen on Formant Web application and resolve issues faster through a shared understanding of the robot.

Enable limited access to specific devices

Provide limited access of Formant to your customers and partners for better transparency and collaboration.

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