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From POC To Launch: Advice On Successful Robotics Commercialization

The following information on robotics commercialization is an excerpt from our guide, The Enterprise Guide to Building a Robotics Roadmap. Setting milestones, opening communication, and tracking data all feed into one main goal: commercialization.  It’s a long journey from experimentation to enterprise-level implementation, and when you get to the final stages, proposing commercialization in a […]

Why Is Customer Success So Important In Robotics?

Every robotics company wants its customers to be successful—it improves their reputation, and, more importantly, it means successful customers will keep coming back from more. “Customer Success,” however, is something more specific… but it’s still something every company should care about, especially those seeking to push boundaries with cutting-edge automation.  But what is it, exactly? […]

Formant Advances Fleet Management With NVIDIA Jetson

This article is written in collaboration with NVIDIA.  Robots are quickly entering parts of everyday life. From autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) roaming streets on last-mile delivery missions to manufacturing robotic arms on assembly lines, automation now performs various tasks we only dreamed of.  NVIDIA foresaw this shift, releasing almost a decade ago the NVIDIA Jetson […]

What Will 2024 Hold For Robotics? Here’s Our Predictions

The time has come again for new year predictions to trickle in from companies and robotics leaders. But what weight do predictions truly hold when each year proves to be as unpredictable as the next?  Rather than casting vague predictions for robotics in 2024, we’ve taken some observations from this year and applied them to […]

Why Numbers Don’t Tell The Whole Story In Robotics

In robotics, success is often measured in numbers.  Metrics surrounding productivity, speed, and ROI reign as the most valuable information a robotics company can demonstrate- and rightfully so. By design, robots are expected to improve upon all of the listed metrics and prove how automation can benefit the bottom line. But, can the soft benefits […]

Increased Quality vs Decreased Costs: What’s A More Effective Pitch?

This blog was written in collaboration between Oskar Jonuks, Digital Media Manager at Ekobot, and Alex Sixt, Content Marketing Manager at Formant.  Farmers are facing plenty of pressure these days.  As the global population grows, demand that farmers produce food increases as well. The global population is on an upward trajectory, and with it, the […]

Best Robot Simulators

With robots entering new environments and verticals every day, robot simulators streamline the development cycle of robots, trims expenses, and boost overall efficiency. If you’re trying to decide which simulation software best fits your needs, let’s take a look at some of the top choices available.   NVIDIA Isaac SIM NVIDIA Isaac SIM powered by […]

How To Communicate The ROI Of Property Management Robots

This blog is taken from a transcript of our recent webinar, “The Potential of Autonomous Robots In Property Management”, discussing how to communicate ROI and find the right customers. It has been slightly modified for reading. Featured speakers are Jack Morrison, CEO of Scythe Robotics & William (Bill) Santana Li, CEO of Knightscope, hosted by […]

Everything You Need To Know About Integrating Robots Into Your Warehouse Workforce

This blog was written in collaboration between Mary Hart, Content Marketing Manager at Locus Robotics and Alex Sixt, Content Marketing Manager at Formant.  Implementing robots into any environment is no easy task; but in a warehouse environment, it can feel downright intimidating.  While the reasons for automation vary from business to business, warehouses are in […]

No Robot Experience Required

If you thought you’d never work alongside a robot in your career, millions of others in the workforce would likely agree with you. Even a few years ago, the concept of having a robotics job for non-technical roles still seemed like a sci-fi dream.  Today, however, this is no longer the case.  The rapid pace […]

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