Formant Makes Vast Improvements To ROS 2 Integration

As the Robot Operating System continues to be one of the most common robotics software system utilized in robotics, we’re excited to announce we’ve made vast improvements to our ROS 2 support for users. 

Open Robotics, the creator of ROS, announced that ROS 1 Noetic (the most recent version) will reach end-of-life in May of 2025. At Formant, we’ve noticed plenty of robotics companies already planning to make the shift toward ROS 2, and we’re here to support. 

Last year, we released the beta version of our ROS 2 adapter which solved most integration needs required by our ROS 2 users. However, this solution still required the direct editing of configuration files. In 2022, we spoke and worked with more companies that were interested in adopting ROS 2 to their robot operations, and decided to further improve our ROS 2 adapter offering to allow native configuration right in the platform. 

An important element of our product philosophy focuses on staying on top of industry trends so we can best assist our customers. Our ROS 2 integration and improvements helps our current ROS 2 users simplify operations within the platform, and is one of the first steps in our adapter system that makes Formant more customizable. Looking to the future, this integration will also help to make the transition smooth for all other users, if and when they should choose to shift to ROS 2. 

To learn more about utilizing ROS 2 with Formant, you can request a demo with our team. If you want to know more about ROS 2’s impact on commercial robotics, head over to our recent blog for our insights. 

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