Formant + PagerDuty Accelerates Incident Resolution In Robotics

Formant, the leading provider of robotics data platform, has announced its integration with PagerDuty, the global leader in digital operations management, and also joins PagerDuty’s Integration Partner Program. 

Professional service robots are popping up in a variety of environments– farms, sidewalks, warehouses, construction sites, nurseries, and even at the beaches. These new generation robots, unlike the robots of the past, offer services in and around the daily lives of humans-. You may see them cleaning floors, delivering medicines in a hospital, bearing loads in a construction site, or weeding on a farm. 

The unstructured environments that these robots deal with oftentimes leaves their AI confused or lost. When this happens, they call their human operators. This is where Formant comes in. Formant is a data and workflow platform that allows robotics companies to observe, operate and analyze their fleet of robots. Our customers create operational interfaces, and workflows to manage their robotics businesses, and a critical part of their workflow is to detect and generate alerts for incidents that require human intervention. Now, we have partnered with PagerDuty to provide our customers with the most advanced, real-time on-call and incident response system.

The new integration extends the Formant platform to provide our customers with the most advanced, real-time on-call and incident response system. Additionally, it will allow users to create custom operational interfaces, and workflows that prevent, detect & resolve incidents. The addition of these features will help scale resources quickly to empower junior team members with a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use solution that integrates with existing ticket systems to promote collaborative resolution of incidents.

Formant and PagerDuty enable our customers to:

  • Accelerate incident resolution - Learn fast from incident data aggregated by PagerDuty, determine the root cause and reach resolution faster by zooming in on the incident on Formant Timeline, and use the non-intrusive event of interest for faster data discovery and navigation. Detect and generate alerts for events that require human intervention with our real-time on-call and incident management solution with PagerDuty,  then respond by running commands or beaming into the robot in real-time. 
  • Prevent incidents through proactive monitoring - Monitor granular data on the edge and generate actionable workflows to drive changes before they can lead to an incident. Ingest data on-demand automatically, whether it be logs, files, numerics or 3D data, from the edge based on interesting events detected by the system. 
  • Drive automated remediation- Use our automated event workflow system to drive granular changes on interesting data transitions, run custom commands, modify device configuration, or even send SMS. 

“It is important for our customers to detect, and resolve incidents before it impacts their customers. Maintaining the robot’s peak autonomous performance and stability, while keeping it compliant and secure is an integral part of our data platform,” said Jeff Linnell, CEO at Formant. “PagerDuty is a market leader, and this integration will bring tremendous value to our customers by accelerating their incident management and time to resolution.”

“One of the most crucial aspects of robot operations is the ability to respond to a stuck robot in real-time or even better to prevent minor interventions from turning into incidents,” says Steve Gross, Sr. Director, Strategic Ecosystem Development at PagerDuty. “We’re excited to work with Formant and help their customers optimize operations, increase device uptime, and empower support team members.”

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