Fleet Management

Easily deploy, configure, and manage fleets at scale with an integrated view of the entire fleet and take necessary action to get your device back up and running quickly.

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Scale your fleet

Formant’s centralized command center gives robot service providers a way to monitor performance and manage configuration for an entire fleet of robots cost-effectively and efficiently. Visualize all data collected from the field and aggregate it based on location, customer, and fleet to track and quickly respond to trends or environmental changes. A centralized command center provides the operations team the data, tools, and resources needed to efficiently manage a growing fleet of robots without increasing supporting resources at the same rate.

Manage Fleets

Why Formant for fleet management?

Global Fleet View

Get a summary of your fleet health. Aggregate fleet data at scale to answer high-value business and operations questions.

Reusable Configurations

Provision multiple devices either from the user interface or integrate them with your existing robot provisioning workflows for faster and more efficient provisioning.

Fleet Alerts and Events

Search and filter along any dimension of your fleet with user-provided metadata that’s attached to every datapoint and robot.

Fleet management in Formant

LIVE AND HISTORICAL VIEWS: Understand the state of your fleet in real-time or discover patterns through historical analysis.

SCALABLE & FLEXIBLE UI: Quickly navigate amongst hundreds or thousands of devices in the web application. Set up custom views of data coming from your robots or your fleets.

APPLICATION CONFIGURATION FOR YOUR FLEET: Manage application configuration parameters across dimensions of your fleet, allowing a portion of your app to be configured from the cloud, saving you the hassle of releasing a patch version every time you wish to make a minor change and A/B test new features.