Data Management

Formant comes with a suite of tools to ingest, manage, and analyze data coming from your robots.

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Managing robot data is hard. Formant makes it easier.

Data is crucial to successfully developing and deploying a fleet of robots. From granular device data for debugging, to fleet-wide data trends for tracking ROI, it's essential to collect the right data and put it to use.

Formant's data platform helps companies in three main ways: ingesting data, visualizing it, and piping it to other locations for further analysis.

Data management with Formant

1. Ingest data from any type of robotic device or sensor

2. Visualize that data in Formant using out-of-the-box modules or by building your own visualizations.

3. Push that data to an external database of your choice using our APIs

4. Leverage existing tools to further analyze large data sets