Scalable solutions for growing companies.

Formant offers a number of out-of-the-box solutions, as well as an API to build custom applications.


Command and control autonomous devices from anywhere in the world with a direct, low-latency connection. Joystick, direct commands, or SSH without a VPN.

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Fleet Management

Deploy, configure, and manage fleets at scale with an integrated view of the entire fleet and take necessary action to get your device back up and running quickly.

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Data Management

Empower your company with good data. Formant is the platform to ingest, wrangle and connect your robotics data to your everyday tools. 

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Customer Portals

Expose critical information and insights directly to your customers.

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With the Formant platform, our employees can work together with the robots to collect and analyze sensor data, gaining real-time context of the facility. When deployed at scale, Formant teleoperation will allow us to inspect a number of sites from a centralized operations center, 100's of miles away.
Yasser Bangash
Robotics Technology Lead at BP
Being able to quickly review the data and video feeds together makes it easy to flag any interesting moments or events for engineering to investigate.
Maria Telleria
CTO at Canvas
We have critical, time-stamped metrics from the entire fleet at our fingertips. This enables us to rapidly correlate regressions or improvements in performance, aiding our team to deploy accurate and timely updates.
Terry Scott
Co-founder & CTO at Burro