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Formant + PickNik power the best-in-class low-latency interface for advanced arm motion planning

Run MoveIt Studio on Formant - the best-in-class low-latency interface for robot motion planning. In an ideal world robot arms would be fully autonomous, requiring no human interaction, no matter the complexity or difficulty of the task at hand. The reality is that many domains require a human in the loop to provide high-level command, monitoring, and support for when the robot gets stuck.

Boost efficiency & productivity

Develop and coordinate autonomous robots by integrating best-in-class motion planning with an intuitive user interface in structured or unstructured environments. Reduce the need for highly trained operators and reduce costs by providing more intuitive and automated control interfaces.

Improve safety & accuracy

Perform precise operations by relying on highly tuned, reactive algorithms rather than humans looking at 2D video feeds and picking joint angles. Leverage pre-built hybrid autonomy solutions maintained by PickNik using cutting edge approaches developed for NASA.

Reliable & real time over long distances

Command robots from long distances by sending brief, high level user instructions that encode a highly reactive, rich command set. Get to market now, even if your robotic system is not 100% reliable and requires teleop fallback through MoveIt Studio.
Formant’s real-time channel in combination with MoveIt Studio enables roboticists to work with video and image data in ways that were once practically unimaginable. Combined with its supervised autonomy MoveIt Studio, enables operators to think about what needs to be done, rather than how.

Get started with Formant

Formant is a complete platform to help robotics companies easily deploy, scale, and manage their fleets.