Formant + Kinova Partner To Advance Gen3 Arm Adoption

Formant is proud to announce our newest partnership with Kinova. 

Kinova, a leader in developing robotic solutions for the medical and industrial industries, is well-known for its advanced robotic arms that are widely utilized in the robotics industry. 

To help support the widespread use of their arms for robotics companies, Formant has partnered with Kinova to natively support seamless remote operation and create a smooth experience for their users. Any user of Formant who utilizes a Kinova arm can access a browser-based application to operate Kinova arms and ingest data into the Formant platform. 

“Kinova continues to be a leader in industrial and medical robotics. As more and more companies adopt Kinova’s Gen3 arm, we’re excited to partner and have the opportunity to make the experience of operating the arm as smooth as possible for our users,” said Jeff Linnell, CEO for Formant. “Together, we hope to continue to bring the benefits of robotic arms to hospitals, warehouses, research centers, and more.” 

Screen capture of Kinova Gen3 arm next to its digital double

Digital twin of Kinova Gen3 arm as shown in Formant.

Users can record data generated by the arm, teleoperate, and remotely configure all with little effort. 

“Formant and Kinova share the same vision and enthusiasm regarding the next age in robotics,” says François Boucher, VP of Strategic Growth at Kinova. “Moving from individual automated cells in a manufacturing facility towards distributed networks of robots in hospitals, farms, and other atypical environments for robots requires solutions that are flexible and scalable. Formant is definitely elevating the Gen3 robot in that regard, that’s the reason why we are so thrilled about this partnership.”  

We look forward to what this partnership holds for the future and helping to further the adoption of Kinova robotic arms across industries. 

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