Formant Receives Innovation Award from Robotics Business Review 2020

We're excited to announce winning an innovation award from Robotics Business Review.

The "RBR50 awards" honor technology, business, and market innovations, as well as the robotics and automation organizations worldwide that were responsible for them.


As mobile robots and other hardware gradually commoditize, the value of automation lies in analyzing and acting upon business data. Formant has created a platform that is ready to handle increasingly complex tasks and robot configurations while focusing on delivering actionable information to end users.

Even as systems gain more autonomy, humans will still need to be “in the loop” for higher-level decisions, particularly those affecting mission-critical enterprise functions.

With automated analytics and annotated data, Formant’s platform allows humans to work with robots in real time while also having instant access to relevant historical data.

For the full coverage, please visit Formant Puts Data Collection, Analysis, and Robot Management in the Cloud.


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