Introducing Formant Deep Linking

The easiest way to create customized, linkable observability views

With Formant Deep Linking, now you can manually or programmatically link to the specific view of your organization’s data without any additional preparation. Create links to jump to specific points or periods in time and view specific channels within your observability dashboards. You can specify stream types, names, device characteristics, or practically any other dimensions that you’re interested in.

Who benefits from deep linking?

  • Support engineers can easily create and share links with engineering to provide helpful context through specific links
  • Automate link generation for any time a robot fails or finds itself in any other unexpected state. Plus, add it programatically to help desk or collaborative chats.

Benefits of deep linking

  • Helps with debugging or sharing specific moments in time or events
  • Create and share links on Slack or Zendesk for easier and more efficient collaboration with your colleagues
    Jump directly to a specific event in time without having to sift your way through reams of data

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