Formant Advances Fleet Management With NVIDIA Jetson

This article is written in collaboration with NVIDIA. 

Robots are quickly entering parts of everyday life. From autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) roaming streets on last-mile delivery missions to manufacturing robotic arms on assembly lines, automation now performs various tasks we only dreamed of. 

NVIDIA foresaw this shift, releasing almost a decade ago the NVIDIA Jetson platform, which is now used by millions of developers to create robotics and AI innovations. NVIDIA’s robotics products and platforms continue to play a key role in innovation as well as in the everyday operations of fleets. 

Formant is among the leading robot platforms leveraging cutting-edge NVIDIA Jetson system-on-modules to power advanced optimization, privacy, and insights. 

NVIDIA Jetson enables roboticists to work with video and image data innovatively. Formant leverages this technology to deliver more accessible, observable, and analyzable robot data for users. 

As the industry sees robot usage scale due to increased adoption, especially at the enterprise level, let’s take a closer look at how NVIDIA technology supports expanded deployments. 


Generative AI 

Generative AI has been one of the biggest buzzwords across robotics over the past year. Since then, multiple companies have raced to see who can help amplify the impact of robots with the most innovative applications of AI. 

You may remember a recent headline about NVIDIA teaching robots how to twirl pens with generative AI. NVIDIA Research published the work, Eureka, which uses GPT-4 to help train robots at a low level for use cases such as fine-motor tasks. The published paper also included AI algorithms that developers can experiment with in NVIDIA Isaac Gym, which is built on NVIDIA Omniverse, a platform for connecting and developing OpenUSD applications. This work suggests that LLMs are close to crossing the divide of handling lower-level tasks and are part of ongoing research on AI’s potential in robotics.  


NVIDIA Isaac Sim on Omniverse

NVIDIA Isaac Sim has revolutionized how robot fleets are developed and tested. 

Isaac Sim is a virtual playground where robots can be simulated and trained in a digitally controlled environment. It allows developers to create realistic 3D scenarios for their robots, complete with physics-based interactions and sensor data. This virtual testing playground significantly accelerates the development cycle, reducing time and costs. Users of Isaac Sim can fine-tune algorithms and train AI models before testing them on physical prototypes, making it an invaluable tool for ensuring the success of a future robot installation.

Isaac Sim not only enhances the capabilities of robots but also democratizes robotics development, enabling more potential users to participate in the creation of intelligent robots that can work together across different robot types and drive performance for multiple tasks.


NVIDIA Jetson Platform for Edge AI and Robotics

The NVIDIA Jetson platform has emerged as a game-changer in the field of robotics, providing cutting-edge AI capabilities to power robot fleets. 

The Jetson lineup of powerful system-on-modules equips robots with the computational muscles they need to navigate and interact with the world intelligently and is leveraged by a vibrant partner ecosystem, including Formant. Its robust GPU-accelerated computing architecture allows robots to process vast amounts of data in real-time, enabling them to make split-second decisions and adapt to dynamic environments. 

NVIDIA Jetson helps drive robotic fleets such as autonomous delivery robots, smart factories, or agricultural drones, empowering them to perform tasks with precision and efficiency. With its small form factor and energy efficiency, Jetson makes it easier for companies to deploy and scale robot fleets, transforming industries across the board.

To learn more about how Formant leverages NVIDIA’s capabilities in robot operations, visit our partner page or request a demo.

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Superior observability, operations, and analytics of heterogenous fleets, at scale.

Explore our data ops platform

Superior observability, operations, and analytics of heterogenous fleets, at scale.