6 Innovative Robots At Automate 2023

Automate 2023 Floor

Back for 2023, the Automate conference returned to Detroit, MI with over 750 exhibitors showing off the most innovative robot solutions. Our team took to the floor, and although unfortunately we can’t highlight them all, check out some of the standout robots we came across at the event.  


1. Locus Robotics

Making a return in our highlights this year, Locus Robotics is always reliable for a great show. The team brought their A-game with live demonstrations of the Locus Max, Vector, and Origin, some of which carried blue ducks and other Locus swag to the crowd.


2. RoboTire

The Michigan-based automated tire-changing system showed hosted a never-seen-before demo at their booth shared with Kawasaki. Their tire-changing system is capable of a four-tire change in 2o minutes. Typically only used on cars, the system was paired with the Kawasaki Teryx KRX®4 1000 and showed how their efficient process can be managed simply with a handheld device. 


3. Plus One Robotics

Plus One Robotics, a parcel-handling robotics platform, demonstrated the efficiency of their high-speed parcel induction. Their award-winning AI vision software was on full display as the arm sorted a variety of boxes and bags of all different sizes. 



Always bringing the biggest ‘bots to the conference, FANUC impressed crowds with the FANUC M-1000iA that can lift 2,204 lbs, made for lifting automotive components, construction materials, and battery packs for electrical vehicles. 


6. Soft Robotics Inc.

If it was the glimpse of food that drew crowds to Soft Robotics Inc’s booth, their soft-gripping solution kept them watching. As their chicken drumstick solution [shown below] combined 3D vision, AI, and soft grasping to move product, the gripMI AI showed off how AI and 3D vision work together to perform suction picking of sausage packs. 


7. OTTO Motors

We might’ve caught the Otto Motors at “recharge time”, but the OTTO Lifter was still hard at work. Below you can watch as it shows off its ability to move up to 2,640 lbs quickly and safely, thanks to advanced safety sensors and autonomous driving capabilities that reduce incidents. 

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