Fomant launches premium out-of-the-box integration for companies looking to manage and optimize Spot -based solutions.

Adding Formant to your Spot-based solution enables a full suite of features robotics companies are already relying on to manage and optimize their robotics solutions. Formant supports research and development, maintenance, as well as scaling fleets globally.

Operate (and Teleoperate)

Scale your robotic operations through remote management and operations. Formant's secure, low-latency teleoperation is configured to take full advantage of Spot's next level mobility, including dual joystick control and the ability to change mobility modes, including gaits, pose, stair climbing, and more. Secondary windows are configurable to display any of Spot's myriad data streams, i.e., cameras, GPS, telemetry, Lidar, more.


If you own a Spot CORE, we've already done all the heavy lifting. Formant's Spot solution — out-of-the-box — offers you the ability to stream 200+ data channels to customizable dashboards. This allows you to build user-specific views that display relevant monitoring/operations information — the right data, to the right person, at the right time.

Data collection and analytics

Formant makes it easy (and affordable) to ingest data from your robots. Formant is highly configurable so you can get the right data to the right person at the right time — with adaptations for your type of connectivity. In particular, if you're running robots via LTE, you can use Formant's On-Demand Ingestion, which allows you to trigger ingestion on specific events. Once data is stored in Formant's cloud, you can access it and use it to power analytics or build downstream machine learning workflow or other applications.

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