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Ingredients Of A Successful Warehouse RaaS Solution

An excerpt from "Robotics And The Modern Warehouse",  a guide exploring how robotics-as-a-service is revolutionizing warehouses.  While no two RaaS warehouse offerings are identical, there are some common traits everyone should strive for in creating a successful solution. In this excerpt, you'll learn every aspect to consider when developing a robotic solution for warehouse and […]

Creating A Robotics Simulation Pipeline With GitHub Actions And ROS

This post is contributed by Simon Bracegirdle, a Senior Consultant with Mechanical Rock.  Introduction At Mechanical Rock, we are strong believers in the benefits of continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) pipelines. CI in particular is useful for running all kinds of validation and checks on your code before and after merging. For example, you […]

How to Build a Customer-Facing Portal with Formant IAM

In robotics, especially in end-user facing verticals like agriculture, there is a hypercritical need for an immediate return on investment. The focus needs to be on the business value to the customer and not just on the robots; customers need to be able to view, manage and understand the impact of robots to their user […]

Formant Launches On-Premise to Meet the Growing Needs of Enterprise Companies

At Formant, we’re pretty big believers that data from robotic fleets should be in the cloud. We’ve spent the last few years building world-class, cloud-based data and telemetry solutions for robotic fleets, and we know there’s a massive benefit to robotics companies in having a web-based application to collect and manage that data. That being […]

Solving the challenges of video telemetry for cost effective robot monitoring

The power of video in robot monitoring Understanding the operations of your robots requires more than staring at a wall of telemetry charts. Seeing is understanding. Using our eyes is often necessary to answer the critical questions about how to optimize a device for maximum effectiveness. In particular, video telemetry is a powerful information source […]

Supercharging Formant's hybrid edge/cloud robotics platform with NVIDIA's Jetson

The combination of GPU optimized edge data processing paired with Formant’s observability & teleoperation platform creates a super efficient command and control center right out of the box.

Cut the costs of robotic observability (up to 80%) with on-demand ingestion

By storing one’s observational data on-device and accessing it selectively—rather than passively transferring a constant stream of data to the cloud—businesses can often reduce their cellular data expenditures by upwards of 80%.

The four (formidable) phases of robotic cloud development - phase 1

The first of a four-part series designed to help you understand what precisely it means (and what it takes) to get your robot online, keep your robot online, and most of all, grow your robot business.

10 key considerations when developing your robot's cloud backend

We’ve created the following list of 10 crucial things to keep in mind when developing your cloud-based backend for your robot fleets.

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