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Does Your Robot Data Strategy Keep All Users In Mind?

For robotics companies across all industries, robot data is at the heart of operations and strategy in every department- especially when operating at scale.  Between sensors, cameras, and other systems, robots ingest so much data that prioritizing which data to keep and which groups need access can feel like a monumental challenge. But how can […]

Building vs Buying a Robotics Platform

In this blog post, we dig into a topic that is near and dear to our heart: the decision of whether to buy or build a cloud platform for your robotics business. Why do you need a cloud data platform? In order to deploy and manage a fleet of robots successfully, companies need to adopt […]

How Robotics Companies Actually Use Data (And What We Got Wrong)

As a VP of Engineering at a robotics company, one of the most important things you need to get right is data. Data affects every department, and each one needs it for different reasons. From CFOs trying to understand the operating cost per robot, to operations focused on deployment times and mission achievements, and engineering […]

Every robotics application requires analytics

By making advanced analytics an integral part of your operations from day one, you enable your insights and understanding to scale smoothly with the size of your fleet.

Analytics: robotics’ untapped vein of business value

By adopting a robust, scalable approach to analytics today, companies can both realize immediate gains and safeguard themselves against robotics’ rising tide of complexity.

Automation Of Robot Data Collection For Business Insights

Head of Solutions, Abraham Dauhajre, on data collection for fleets.

Robots are hard, game engines are not: why we built our own simulator using Unity

Here's why we used Unity to build a simulator for our robot fleet management platform.

Tune machine learning algorithms with a ‘DVR for data’

We approached the ML tuning problem from the assumption that it could be done differently: in an intuitive, visual way.

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