Feeling some cabin fever? Time to stretch your legs — virtually.

Pilot a robot dog in San Francisco from the comfort of your home.


Walk with SPOT

Sign up for a chance to experience what the future of robotics holds. You’ll spend up to an hour with the Formant team, remotely operating a Boston Dynamics Spot around San Francisco.

The experience

Formant's goal is to deliver this unique experience to people from all walks of life, including people from the general public, government, education. You can be young, old, tech-savvy — or not. No prior experience necessary!

Sign up — and if you get selected, you'll get to explore an area in or around San Francisco using Spot, a robotic dog, remotely. How does this work? Spot uses video cameras to relay what it sees to Formant's browser-based teleoperation "control center" — dog walkers (or "operators) use basic controls like a mouse, trackpad or game controller to navigate the robot in real-time. It's remarkably easy (and fun). When a walk is over, Formant will provide a digital record of the walk, which can be shared freely.

The locations

Take Spot for a walk around one of San Francisco's scenic areas.
The Park
The City
The Forest
The Beach

Request a walk

Please tell us who you are and why you’d like to "Walk with Spot." Due to the overwhelming interest in this program, we're selecting candidates based on our goal of representing a broad group. We're reviewing requests on a rolling basis.
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