Scale fleet operations quickly and efficiently with a robot data and operations platform that enables centralized fleet support, optimizes resources deployed to the field and increases information sharing with farmers.

Speed time to market and scale efficiently

To keep up with growing demand, robot providers need a fleet-wide operations solution that improves efficiency, controls costs, and provides the farmers and producers transparency into their robotic resources’ operation and performance.

The Formant robot data and operations platform provides agricultural robot companies a remote command center that centralized fleet support, optimizes field-deployed resources, and increases information sharing with farmers.

Remote command and control

Centralized operations for a distributed fleet

Observe the fleet in real-time, manage configurations centrally, and remotely issue commands and teleoperate if required.

Formant’s centralized command center gives robot service providers a way to monitor performance and manage configuration for an entire fleet of robots cost-effectively and efficiently. Visualize all data collected from the field and aggregate it based on location, customer, and fleet to track and quickly respond to trends or environmental changes. A centralized command center provides the operations team the data, tools, and resources needed to efficiently manage a growing fleet of robots without increasing supporting resources at the same rate. 

Monitor and manage your entire fleet through a single pane of glass
Remotely tune the configuration and settings of your fleet
Remotely operate your fleet through a direct, low latency connection
Track fleet-level quality and performance metrics to determine accurate service timelines and build proactive workflows to minimize performance degradations

Improve performance, maximize uptime

Respond and resolve issues quickly

Receive automated alerts and remotely investigate and triage an issue, reducing the need to send resources into the field.

Formant observability enables robot service providers to investigate and quickly diagnose problems remotely and collaboratively, reducing the number of in-field visits required. The key to keeping a robotic fleet productive is getting the right people, the right information, at the right time. Whether it is reacting to an issue or responding to possible service degradation, having immediate access to the event, in context, improves time to resolution. 

Monitor all live and historical media and telemetry data collected from the fleet
Tailor alerts and event-triggered workflows to automatically respond to an issue
React quickly with efficient tools to debug and root-cause issues remotely
Collaborate with team members using comments, annotations, and contextual linking

Enhance customer engagement

Branded customer portal

Single pane of glass for farmers and producers to monitor and track the efficiency, safety, and performance of their robots.

Formant’s customer-facing portal provides robot service providers the ability to deliver a single pane of glass for their farmers and producers to monitor and track the efficiency, safety, and performance of their robots. In addition to providing real-time monitoring, the portal offers end-users visibility into overall performance and efficiency trends and alerts them if any critical items or performance degradations occur. This degree of transparency and connectivity allows providers to clearly and easily demonstrate real value to both existing and prospective customers. 

Provide customers with a real-time view of their fleet location, health, and live camera feeds
Track performance and efficiency metrics to demonstrate business value
Integrate with existing helpdesk tools to enable customers to contact your company in a familiar, user-friendly fashion
Quickly alert customers to critical events

See it in action

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